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So delicious & messy (BBQ should never be neat & tidy right?)!!! Can't wait to make a return visit. We had the plate for 2 with a taste of all the meats, collard greens, & potato salad, plus the corn bread. Yummy! Wonderful! Cool ambience & great staff! Stop reading these & just go!read more
Samuella Ramsey
22:19 12 Jul 18
Love this place. The downtown location is the best one. The lemonade is so good. The brisket, bbq chicken, ribs, and links are delicious. The prices are reasonable for the portion you get. Nice, open restaurant. Friendly more
Nicosia Hammond
02:12 13 Jul 18
I'm no expert but this is what I guess soul food is supposed to be! Everything was just how we wanted it with our ribs smokey and slathered in vinegary BBQ sauce. They brew their own beer, show the sports and the clientele seems to be a nice mix of locals and the new tech bubble crowd. Our watiress was super sweet and took great care of us - Oakland homeliness in spades. Good music more
Jack Salisbury
20:24 07 Oct 18
Your classic BBQ and sides. Great location to meet with friends and family. Service is a little slow, but you don't want to rush out anyways. Enjoy!
Lesbia Mason
21:28 06 Dec 18
Very good food! Started out bad. Sat at the table for 10 minutes before anyone came to take our order. The waitress that came was great! She never let our drinks run out. There is a constant banging sound that came from the kitchen that was super annoying, other than that the restaurant is very nice. We ordered the dinner for two that had four meats...this meal is big enough for three. We took and entire to-go box home with us and we were both super full. The Ribs were the best by far and the brisket was a close second for me. The macaroni and cheese was by far my favorite thing ...I think... I loved the corn bread too. The ranch beans are different ..not bad...just different. Parking was tricky to find near the restaurant. We had to walk a ways to get more
Stacey Curtis
06:25 14 Aug 18
To be honest the first everett I went to was not really that great. This time I went to the location out at Jack London square. Did not wait long and got seated. We ordered a ribs and brisket (which was cooked to perfection and I rarely touch beef) with an excellent macaroni and cheese and greens with cornbread for sides. The portions were good size enough for us to share. We got a sock it to me cake and a sweet potato pie to go. Tiffany (yes Tiffany I see you) was very nice and really gave great customer appreciation. I was thoroughly impressed by the food. I got appetizers and drinks at Yoshis and it was 90 compared to real food drinks and dessert here for 40. Good more
mike 6270
16:14 12 Aug 18
This place is pretty nice. I usually get the ribs from this place which are good every time. Service is slow but I guess they take their time to make it perfect.
imaturkeyleg 12424
06:34 15 Jul 18
I would go to Southern Cafe if the location n sauce werent so greatBomb brisket and portions✔️Good prices ✔️Live music ✔️Bland sides ❎Their dry, butter wanting, candied yams and Bland collard greens make them a pass if you are from the South. But for Oakland the joint is great and the location is perfect. I've been 3 times now and each time have been disappointed every side I have tried. Including the cornbread mac and cheese and potato more
Briana Clarke
15:20 04 Sep 18
Great place. Oakland paraphernalia in southern food gives an old Oakland ungentrified feel.. barbecue is bomb. However their sides Lack the love and foot your grandmother put into her cooking. The yams are particularly disappointing. Void of butter tasting like a vegan recipe. LOL but the greens and mac are pretty good. the brisket and ribs were really good. The sauce help me forgive and more
Briana Clarke
01:23 16 Sep 18
Everett and Jones got four stars because the food is very good. They would have gotten a five if they weren't so slow. Party of 20 waited over a hour once we put in our order. No matter what day or time you go you always have to wait to long for your food . Unfortunately we don't go as often as we like to because of that more
Meshell Barrows
03:59 24 Sep 18
Everett & Jones Barbeque in located in the Jack London neighborhood of Oakland, California. It's been in business since the earlier 1970's. Parking on the Street is available but it fills up fast especially at night and on the weekends. Clean facilities with a wheelchair accessible entrance. Public Restrooms. Reasonably priced. Credit cards accepted. We will definitely be going more
Eric San Jose
13:15 10 Oct 18
Tried to place a phone order at 9:15pm and found out they stop taking them at 9....So, I went down to order in person! Warm welcome, clean comfortable environment. Friendly staff is always a plus:) Now the food:*Made from quality ingredients *cooked to perfection *not over-salted*quality doesn't compromise quantity -happy customer here!!!read more
Mimi Smith
05:01 19 Oct 18
We have been coming here for years. Great food, nice atmosphere, freindly but, extra slow service. Live music at times. Private space for parties. Located in Jack London Square. There are plenty of things to do in the area. There is a Starbucks across the street , hotels to stay at, Yoshi's , and other fun activities. I would recommend going here for some excellent barbecue. B.O.Bread more
E Thomas
15:44 28 Oct 18
Great place to take a date. Food is great and comes out pretty quick. Bar is also available for sitting. Good drinks with happy hour specials. Conveniently located 2 blocks from Yoshi's. Great to eat then catch a show or a Movie. Everything is in this location. 😜read more
Lana Larue
15:15 02 Nov 18
Food was Awesome!! Loved the atmosphere. Would give it 5 stars, but servers seemed to have a but of an attitude, If they had rough day, it showed.
Kimberly Thompson
01:30 12 Nov 18

Sliced Beef Brisket

    • $ 10.00

Choice selected beef slowly cooked To perfection over oak wood With our special (Goop) marinade Giving the beef it's tasty outer crust.

Smoked Chicken

    • $ 8.75

One quarter juicy smoked chicken Slowly roasted with our special Blend of seasoning.

Homemade Links

    • $ 9.75

Mom's famous delicious homemade Course ground Beef sausage with no fillers Made fresh daily in our own kitchen.

Smoked Pork Ribs

    • $ 10.25

Voted the "Bay Area's Best Ribs!" by Oakland Tribune Readers. Tender meaty pork ribs Slowly smoked to perfection.



Green Salad

    • $ 7.00

Fresh garden salad With our special house dressing. Salad Dressings: House Oil and vinegrette blended with our Medium barbeque sauce Ranch

Green Salad topped with Smoked Chicken

    • $ 9.00

A bed of mixed greens Topped with slices of tender smoked chicken Served with our own Barbeque sauce house dressing.

Pork Rib Dinner

    • $ 20.50

Perfectly smoked pork ribs to superb tenderness, with our Super Q seasoning over an Oak wood fire, Topped off with our award winning sauce, HOT (watch out!), medium, or mild. Select two side orders.

Chicken Dinner

    • $ 14.75

One-half juicy chicken seasoned and Smoked on an open fire grill, Select two side orders.

Homemade Link Dinner

    • $ 18.00

Beef Brisket Dinner

    • $ 17.75

Choice selected Beef Brisket cooked over Oak Wood with a special Marinade (Goop) That gives it the tender, tasty outer crust, Comes with your choice of two side orders.


    • $ 43.00

[caption id="attachment_2801" align="alignnone" width="300"]Finishing the slabs on the 4th of July. Finishing the slabs on the 4th of July.[/caption] This is not your small individual portion; This portion feeds 3-4 people. When we say a slab, we mean the WHOLE SLAB of pork ribs with Three side orders and corn bread.

Gift Cards

    • $ 0.00

Give a friend or loved one a gift card from Everett and Jones.  Cards can be loaded with any amount and can also be reloaded when used.

Ranch Beans

    • $ 2.50

Mom's Collard Greens

    • $ 3.50

Candy Yams

    • $ 3.50

Macaroni and Cheese

    • $ 4.00

Potato Salad

    • $ 2.50

Macaroni Salad

    • $ 2.00

Cole Slaw

    • $ 2.50

Cornbread Muffin

    • $ 1.25

Extra Sauce (5 oz.)

    • $ 2.00

Sweet Potato Pie

    • $ 4.25

Pecan Pie

    • $ 4.75

Chocolate Cake

    • $ 5.50

Sock-it-to-me Cake

    • $ 5.50

Caramel Cake

    • $ 5.50

We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.
No Checks or Outside Gift Cards accepted.
Only Everett and Jones Gift Cards Accepted
For parties of six or more, a gratuity of 15% will be included in the bill.
Please, no split checks for parties of five or more.


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