Pork Rib Dinner

    • $ 22.30

Perfectly smoked pork ribs to superb tenderness, with our Super Q seasoning over an Oak wood fire, Topped off with our award winning sauce, HOT (watch out!), medium, or mild. Select two side orders.

Chicken Dinner

    • $ 15.50

One-half juicy chicken seasoned and Smoked on an open fire grill, Select two side orders.

Homemade Link Dinner

    • $ 22.25

Mom’s famous homemade beef sausage made fresh daily in our own kitchen. Once you’ve tried them you’ll come back again and again. For those who like them hot ask for our HOT sauce, (but you better watch out)! Pick two side orders.

Beef Brisket Dinner

    • $ 21.50

Choice selected Beef Brisket cooked over Oak Wood with a special Marinade (Goop) That gives it the tender, tasty outer crust, Comes with your choice of two side orders.


    • $ 44.50

[caption id="attachment_2801" align="alignnone" width="300"]Finishing the slabs on the 4th of July. Finishing the slabs on the 4th of July.[/caption] This is not your small individual portion; This portion feeds 3-4 people. When we say a slab, we mean the WHOLE SLAB of pork ribs with Three side orders and corn bread.

Gift Cards

    • $ 0.00

Give a friend or loved one a gift card from Everett and Jones.  Cards can be loaded with any amount and can also be reloaded when used.


For the undecided, we recommend one of our combinations.
Also for the large appetite pick one of our combination plates.
Select two side orders with your meal.

Two-Way Combo’s

Rib & Chicken

    • $ 22.30

Rib & Brisket

    • $ 25.90

Link & Chicken

    • $ 21.50

Brisket & Chicken

    • $ 21.75

Brisket & Link

    • $ 25.50

Rib & Link

    • $ 26.30

Three-Way Combo’s

Ribs, Links and Chicken

    • $ 29.75

Links, Brisket and Chicken

    • $ 30.25

Links, Ribs and Brisket

    • $ 32.75

Chicken, Ribs and Brisket

    • $ 28.75

Four-Way Combination Plate

Sample all of our meat selections
This meal feed two people

Ribs, Chicken, Links and Brisket

    • $ 42.60